968 The Shop is a Family owned and operated barber shop located in Davis Sq. area of Somerville. We worked with Larry Jr. the son of original owner Larry Sr. to revamp and update the shops online presence and digital marketing. We started by getting to know The Shops needs & wants as well as studying other barber shops strategies and web presence. After creating an over all layout and design for the website, we had a photo shoot and video shoot at the shop to create all the content for the web site, Instagram, & other social media for the shop. With the web-sites design we wanted to trim it down to only essentials and focus on the mobile presence just as much as the desktop, By using a one-page website design it allowed us to keep all the important information right on the home page and not require users to scroll or load more pages. The images set the tone for the website & show the shops old school techniques & passion for the craft  while the video we shot and edited to accompany the website showcases the shops modern appeal.