SeqLL is an RNA & DNA Sequencing Company in Woburn, MA who came to us looking to fully rebuild their current website, & create a cohesive design to organize & display a large amount of content. We started by meeting with SeqLL to find out what they wanted to achieve with the revamped web-presence & how they wanted it to work for the company moving forward. After brainstorming and studying competitors we formulated our plan.




Esthetically  we chose a color palette that would be a bright, saturated play on the already existing company colors to grab users attention when moving around the website and draw the eye to call to action buttons. We then moved onto choosing a simple modern google type face to not over crowd the large amount of copy. Also by using google fonts it allows us to keep page speeds high & SEO in mind. The biggest challenge of this project was organizing and displaying 80 pages of content in a clean, condensed, & most importantly user friendly fashion. We did that by using collapsable page sections, page anchors & links to guide users up and down the page to the information they are looking for. However we didn’t stop there, we then made a point of placing  logical next step content options after or next two each section or at the bottoms of each page. This allows users to stay engaged and not have to scroll back up to the traditional menu found at the top of each page. We used stock photography as pop to visually tell the story of each page & trimmed content to be as brief & effective as possible.

Next step was to re-design all the content graphs to create a consistent  look / color palette through out the entire site, & design custom graphics for the website. We created all graphs, icons, & graphics in Illustrator and then uploaded to be the finishing touch pulling the entire look of the site together.




SeqLL was looking for a clean & modern feel for the website, So naturally we decided to use a full width website that stretches from one end of the browser to the other and breaks away from the traditional “box” feel to create a more dynamic user experience.  The entire page is fully responsive with each element being specifically set to re-adjust and alter its positioning to best suit the size of the device or web-browser you are viewing it from. Elements and fonts are set to fit to the browser and device size giving the end user the best possible browsing experience. Using WordPress as a CMS allows us to have a very clean database for all of the publications & content, while allowing multiple users to login and review stats, make small changes and even make news updates. It also allows us to make changes to content with out having to re-code entire pages.

SEO was also one of the top priorities for SeqLL. So when building out the site we used key words in all the right places to create strong indexing, backed by speed driven page layout. We also incorporate secondary page plug-ins to prioritize SEO & incorporate Google analytics into the entire website. This coupled with coaching SeqLL and guiding them on leveraging social media, free google services, & keeping a regularly updated news / blog feed we are able to receive a large amount of online traffic to increase business and overall visibility in the science community.


Long Term:


After launch we continue to maintain and over see SeqLL’s web-presence. We preform routine maintenance, content alterations & updates, blog/ news posts, additions, consulting for graphic design & social media, photography, & other detailed web services.