Created for a Veri-Leclair Homes in Somerville, MA. Veri-Leclair is a local Century 21 affiliated real estate firm so when designing the website and logo we had to keep within the guidelines, colors, & parameters of Century 21’s style guide. The primary goal was to build a site that would be user friendly on the front end letting visitors get a sense for who Dustin and Jackie are while being able to easily find their next home, and on the backend let Dustin be able to run, maintain & update the website after launch. This was achieved by using WordPress as our CMS & giving Dustin an log-in & password to go in and ad listings, or make changes to existing content. We also incorporated an active MLS IDX plugin to live feed real estate listings onto the site from the specified areas.



We wanted to play off of Century 21’s logo while incorporating V, L, & something to symbolize a home. So that’s exactly what we did, We combine a customized font to use the VL as the roof line of a house icon to create the Veri-Leclair Logo.



To bring Jackie and Dustin to life on the website we did a short photo shoot in a park near the office, giving them a presence on the website and new head shots for marketing, business cards, & other marketing applications.